I have a well equipped photography studio and can make high resolution photographs of your art, this includes paintings, sculpture, drawings, sketches etc. Anything that can be photographed. Also, it will need to be brought or sent to my studio in Southington CT,USA Plug this address into your GPS or Google maps to see where I am: 1103 Marion Ave, Soutington CT

I will provide you with digital files in any format that PhotoShop can handle such as Jpeg, GIF, TIFF, Png etc. I will email or mail them to you on CDs if you prefer. I can also make a small number of prints of up to 13 x 36 inches.

I will archive and store the images I make from your art and can provide you with versions of them for shows, gallery submissions, competitions etc. with only minimal notice ( a day or two, or less in emergencies) I understand all that stuff about jpegs, megabytes, dpi, pixels and image sizes so you just need to tell me what your clients are asking for and I will send you computer files that satisfy their requirements.

Please examine some of my samples here

I can also do ultra high resolution (300 dpi) scans of your pictures if you are sending them to a printer for full-sized prints. Contact me about your printing services specific requirements.


I charge $28 per photo. This includes photography, color calibration, simple Photshop retouching and adjustment, conversion to whatever format(s) you wish and (optionally) burning the files to CDs (the first time) or emailing them to you. Archiving and storage of your images "forever" is free. I charge $28 per hour to create versions of archived artwork for shows and submissions, but that usually takes at most a quarter of an hour for a handful of pictures.

I charge $7 shipping and cost for each burned CD. (All of your pictures will almost always fit on one CD)

Physical prints are priced by picture area. See the following table for some common sizes: My maximum size is 13 by 36 inches. The ink and paper are archival and rated to last 90 years or more (under reasonable conditions) without degradation.

Print Sizes are in inches
5 X 7 $3.50
8 X 10 $8.00
11 X 14 $15.00
11 X 17 $19.00
13 X 20 $26.00


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