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This painting depicts Bernadette Soubirous of Lourdes as she first sees her famous vision in the Grotto of Masabielle. I sought to show her as an innocent girl who sees a hopeful vison on the midst of her misery.

Although she never claimed any other meaning for her "beautiful lady", her neighbors and indeed her whole nation claimed that she had seen and conversed with the "Virgin Mary".

Oil 30 x 18.5 inches


A pencil drawing from a Professional Photo.

Price $99 ( unframed ) 

 Kiitra had been cooped up for months aboard ship. She couldn't resist the urge to sneak away for a few moments. The smells were strange, alien, and exciting. The water was like home, sort of...
K'don was hungry again. There were sometimes good fish here, sometimes not. At least it was quiet, safe, familiar...

Sold at Lunacon 2002!

 On this planet, The dinosaurs were wiped out by an asteroid collision. On other planets dinosaur-like reptiles might have gone on to develop advanced technology and maybe even space travel. Here they are rescuing some of their less fortunate cousins on another planet. A sort of "Dinosaur Noahs Ark" if you will.

Sorry, This one has been sold but... Prints of Dinosaur Noah are available.


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