PetShark Projects
    Here are some recent projects. More material and details will be added as time allows.

Completed 6/20/2013
These are a series of 25 Dinosaur illustrations for a smart-phone game. Click Here to see the whole set.

Completed 4/15/2006
"Age of Heroes, the Human Line". These are a series of 10 illustrations for a new "swords and sorcery" game called Age of Heroes, being produced by Team Tactics. Click Here to see the whole set.

Star Kari Feather
completed 12/16/2002
This is an allegorical Illustration depicting the Life-Giving magic of the Female.

The Hiragana Mural
completed 5/12/2003
A mural of the basic 46 character Japanese Hirgana alphabet.

Paddle to the Sea

completed 8/4/2003
"Paddle to the Sea" is a painting based on a book written and illustrated by Holling Clancy Holling. In it, a small canoe carved by an Indian boy makes a journey from Lake Superior to the Atlantic Ocean.

completed 3/11/2002
An original illustration inspired by the story of Bernadette of Lourdes

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