I have a well equipped studio and can make high resolution photographs of objects such as Sculpture, Models, Collectibles, Jewelry and any other kind of object that can be photographed and will fit in my studio.

I provide digital files in any format that PhotoShop can handle such as Jpeg, GIF, TIFF, Png etc. I will email or mail them to you on CDs if you prefer. We can also make physical prints of your Photos up to 13 x 30 inches.

Please examine some samples here


I charge a $28 setup fee and $3 per photo. This includes photography, color calibration, simple Photshop retouching and adjustment, conversion to whatever format(s) you wish and (optionally) burning the files to CDs or emailing them.

I charge $7 shipping and cost for each CD. (All of your pictures will almost always fit on one CD)

Prints are priced by picture area. See the following table for some common sizes:

Print Sizes are in inches
5 X 7 $3.50
8 X 10 $8.00
11 X 14 $15.00
11 X 17 $19.00
13 X 20 $26.00

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