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In these demos I will attempt to show a few ways that I have used digital methods in conjunction with traditional artwork. By "digital", I mean things like digital photography and scanning as well as software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. By "Traditional" I refer to art media like pencil drawing, watercolor painting, oil painting and other media.

I did not set out to be a digital artist. I intended to be an artist, but since my day job as a computer programmer and web developer required that I be familiar with digital image making and computer software, I naturally fell into the habit of using whatever tools I had. In this session I will discuss four projects I have completed which use some combination of traditional and digital tools.

   Portrait Prototype

Here I used a combination of digital photography and Photoshop to visualize a portrait in oil, before it was produced. I used the reference photo both to show my client what the portrait would look like as well as to serve as a reference for my painting.

   Post-Production assembly

Here I produced a a set of game card illustrations in digital form from traditional ink and marker drawings. I also added some post-production special effects to some of the illustrations.

   Cartoon rendering

In this project I made a set of illustrations of a cartoon character by tracing from pencil drawings in Adobe Illustrator.

   Compositional planning

In this ambitious project I used Digital images both from the Internet, my camera and captured from video to invent a main character and well as lay out a complex composition for an original oil painting.


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