Talks and Tutorials

I have given some presentations on Art and Artistic things to local Art Groups. Here are the slide shows I used during these presentations.

Introduction to Digital Photography

A Talk given to the Southington Arts and Crafts Association on October 27,2010

Subjects covered: Digital Vs Film Photography, Basic digital picture taking, organization and storage of digital picture files, Photo editing software options, basic editing such as Rotation, Cropping, Sharpening, Brightness and Color correction. We also discussed printing issues and options.

Drawing and the Art of Seeing.

A Talk given to the Southington Arts and Crafts Association on April 27,2011

"Seeing is learned. It is not automatic, and it can be developed and grown so that our vision is richer and we miss less. Drawing is one of the best ways I've found to exercise your eyes and the brain behind them, teaching yourself to see."

The slides show some short drawing exercises that illustrate different approaches to drawing from life as well as from imagination, interspersed with some philosophy, tricks and techniques as well as advice, and some good recommended books.

Traditional and Digital Art media

A description of 4 mostly traditional art projects that used digital techniques

1. Using PhotoShop and digital photography to prototype a portrait in Oil.
2. Assembling marker drawings with backgrounds and special effects.
3. Using pencil drawings as a basis for digitally rendered images.
4. Planning a complex composition for an Oil painting using PhotoShop and collected images.

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